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Tittel:Metabolism and Nutrition for the Surgical Patient
Antall sider: 272
Publisert: 2011-10-08
Presents topics on nutrition and metabolism for the chronically ill patient. This title covers topics that include: nutrition management of acute and chronic pancreatitis, surgical treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus, nutrition management of geriatric surgical patients, nutrients, routes of delivery and immunocompetence, and more.

GBP 67.99
Tittel:Perioperative Medicine
Antall sider: 588
Publisert: 2011-07-30
This book presents critical, need-to-know concepts in perioperative care, from preoperative risk assessment to postoperative follow-up. This edition includes new information on preoperative assessment, and updated sections on cardiology and pulmonary medicine.

GBP 62.99
Tittel:Complications in Surgery
Antall sider: 884
Publisert: 2011-05-01

GBP 131.00
Tittel:Complications in Sinus and Skull Base Surgery: Prevention and Management, an Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics
Publisert: 2010-09-10
Includes topics such as: Pre and Intra-operative Maneuvers to Optimize Surgical Outcomes; Pre-operative CT evaluation to optimize surgical outcomes; Complications in the use of systemic steroids for sinusitis; Post-operative management for the prevention of complications after sinus surgery; and, Prevention and management of Lacrimal Duct Injury.

GBP 67.99
Tittel:Morbid Obesity
Antall sider: 262
Publisert: 2010-03-11
Patients with extreme obesity undergoing surgical procedures need specific perioperative management. This new edition gives clear guidance on clinical management.

GBP 55.00
Tittel:Medical Management of the Surgical Patient
Antall sider: 840
Publisert: 2010-02-11
An authoritative account of all aspects of perioperative care for surgical patients.

GBP 60.00
Tittel:Post-operative Complications2nd Revised edition of "Post-operative Complications in Intracranial Neurosurgery"
Antall sider: 512
Publisert: 2010-01-21
A general handbook covering post-surgical complications across all specialties. Particularly relevant for junior doctors and those preparing for their membership of the Royal College of Surgery (MRCS) exams.

GBP 37.95
Tittel:Surgical Intensive Care Medicine
Antall sider: 745
Publisert: 2009-12-01
This textbook has been specifically designed as a practical reference for medical students and house officers to help them manage critically ill surgical patients. The content provides a comprehensive resource for the surgical intensivist.

GBP 135.00
Tittel:Preoperative Medical Consultation, An Issue of Medical Clinics
Antall sider: 240
Publisert: 2009-10-21
Offers insights on how to handle the following situations: emergency and urgent surgery; perioperative management of the ambulatory surgery patient; perioperative anticoagulation management; surgery in the patient with liver disease; surgery in the patient with renal dysfunction; and, hematological problems in the preoperative patient.

GBP 47.99
Tittel:Oxford Handbook of Perioperative Practice
Antall sider: 672
Publisert: 2009-07-30
This handbook provides practical, easily accessible and up-to-date evidence-based information on the essential elements of perioperative practice. It offers a thorough introduction to the principles and practice of anaesthetic practice, intraoperative care and recovery nursing.

GBP 22.95
Tittel:Perioperative Medicine
Antall sider: 456
Publisert: 2009-03-26
This concise, practical guide is essential reading for anyone who needs to deal with common, important and occasionally life-threatening medical problems in surgical patients early in pre-assessment clinic, the night before surgery and out-of-hours on the wards post-operatively.

GBP 37.95
Tittel:Complete Recovery Room Book
Antall sider: 688
Publisert: 2008-11-27
The care a patient receives immediately after surgery is crucial to minimizing the risk of complications, but many hospitals still do not have formally organized recovery rooms. Now in its fourth edition, this book has established itself as the definitive guide on how to set up, equip, staff, and administer this acute care unit.

GBP 39.95
Tittel:ABC of Tubes, Drains, Lines and Frames
Antall sider: 88
Publisert: 2008-10-03
A guide that provides an account of the key issues involved in the assessment and management of surgical wounds, tubes, drains, lines and stomas - from the operating theatre to the Critical Care unit and from the ward into the community. Suitable for GPs, surgical nurses, and junior doctors, it also highlights common pitfalls.

GBP 21.99
Tittel:Clinician's Guide to Surgical Care
Antall sider: 416
Publisert: 2008-06-16
Utilizes a problem-based approach to review the most common complaints that lead to surgical consultations. This work helps you learn what past medical information is important to elicit. It helps you know: what to look for in the physical exam; which diagnostics to order; and, how to start immediate treatment while diagnostic procedures continue.

GBP 40.99
Tittel:Pre and Post-operative Services for the Diabetic Amputee
Antall sider: 192
Publisert: 2007-07-15

GBP 42.95
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