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Tittel:Atlas of Robotic Prostatectomy
Antall sider: 200
Publisert: 2012-04-15
Specifically designed for surgeons, the Atlas of Robotic Prostatectomy provides a beautifully illustrated, step-by-step guide to all aspects of the procedure, based on prostate and pelvic anatomy. Readers will find detailed techniques that can be used to achieve excellent oncological results.

GBP 91.80
Tittel:Safe Surgery, An Issue of Surgical Clinics
Publisert: 2012-04-10
Reviews articles in safe surgery for the general surgeon. This title includes such articles as: iatrogenesis - the nature, frequency, and science of medical errors, risk management and the regulatory framework for safer surgery medication, lab, and blood banking errors, unconscious biases and patient safety, and more.

GBP 70.99
Tittel:Laparoscopic Surgery of the Abdomen
Antall sider: 554
Publisert: 2012-03-31

GBP 153.00
Tittel:Sabiston Textbook of Surgery
Antall sider: 2152
Publisert: 2012-03-30
Offers help for confident surgical decision making. Covering the science and data affecting your treatment planning, this medical reference helps you make the most informed choices so you can ensure the best outcome for every patient.

GBP 135.45
Tittel:Surgical Guide to Circumcision
Antall sider: 226
Publisert: 2012-03-29
This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to the most common circumcision techniques addresses such aspects as informed consent, religious and cultural sensitivities, pre-exam, post-care, pain control, and prevention and management of potential complications.

GBP 125.00
Tittel:Tarascon Clinical Review Series: General Surgery
Antall sider: 194
Publisert: 2012-02-22

GBP 14.99
Tittel:Vitreoretinal Surgery
Antall sider: 456
Publisert: 2012-01-15

GBP 90.00
Tittel:Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery
Antall sider: 1100
Publisert: 2011-10-14
This first book in Springer's new Operative Dictations Made Simple series is a portable resource packed with dictations to guide the resident. With 155 procedures, it covers the alimentary tract, breast, lymph nodes, head and neck, as well as vascular surgery.

GBP 62.99
Tittel:Success in Academic Surgery
Antall sider: 275
Publisert: 2011-10-12
This book reinforces the curriculum of the AAS courses and also provides guidance to individual surgeons who have not had the opportunity to attend these courses. This is a valuable reference title for medical students and surgical residents.

GBP 35.99
Tittel:Practical Skin Surgery
Publisert: 2011-06-01

GBP 71.99
Tittel:FRCS General Surgery Viva Topics and Revision Notes
Antall sider: 160
Publisert: 2011-05-22
A study guide for candidates of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons examination. Contains revision notes, MCQs and SBAs.

GBP 29.99
Tittel:Diagnostic Imaging for the General Surgeon, An Issue of Surgical Clinics
Publisert: 2011-04-11
Offers information for surgeons on the various imaging techniques. This title covers such topics as: basic principles, imaging for breast, thyroid/parathyroid, pancreatic/biliary, active gastrointestinal bleeding, and cervical spine; Hollow Viscous Imaging for SBO - fluoroscopy vs CT; CT Colonoscopy/Virtual Colonoscopy; and, more.

GBP 67.99
Tittel:Lecture Notes
Antall sider: 392
Publisert: 2011-03-25
As surgical sub-specialization has increased, general surgery has lost some of its former glory and scope. Nonetheless, general surgery continues to be a competitive, rewarding and highly demanding specialty in its own right.

GBP 24.99
Tittel:Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management
Antall sider: 1098
Publisert: 2011-03-01
A practical manual on breast disease deals with various aspects of surgical management of both benign and malignant disease. It is divided into sections following the patterns of patient management from diagnosis through treatment and reconstruction. It contains concepts and procedures that are primarily diagnostic and may be therapeutic.

GBP 99.00
Tittel:Operative Surgery of the Colon, Rectum and Anus
Antall sider: 960
Publisert: 2011-02-25
An authoritative illustrated text of the operative techniques for established international colorectal surgeons

GBP 295.00
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