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Tittel:Skeletal Aging and Osteoporosis
Antall sider: 300
Publisert: 2012-03-31
This book focuses on mechanical aspects of skeletal fragility related to aging and osteoporosis. For clinical and research professionals, topics range from age-related changes in trabecular structure and strength, to exercise and physical interventions.

GBP 90.00
Tittel:Muscles, Nerves and Pain
Antall sider: 181
Publisert: 2012-02-29

GBP 4.99
Tittel:Muscle Aging, Inclusion-Body Myositis and Myopathies
Antall sider: 252
Publisert: 2012-02-06
The aging of society is leading to many challenges across all areas of medicine. The problems of muscle aging have led to a rise in the incidence of less common conditions, which though not terminal are debilitating and frequently progressive, and often underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

GBP 119.98
Tittel:Exercise & Cellular Mechanisms of Muscle Injury
Antall sider: 258
Publisert: 2012-02-01
Provides a comprehensive summary of the characteristics of exercise-induced muscle damage and the mechanisms of tissue inflammation. This book is of interest to students, researchers and practitioners in the field of exercise physiology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

GBP 74.50
Publisert: 2012-02-01
Osteoarthritis (OA) is also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Psoriatic arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis that will develop in up to 30 percent of people who have the chronic skin condition psoriasis. This book presents research on both these topics including the pharmacological treatment of osteoarthritis.

GBP 79.50
Tittel:Musculoskeletal Examination of the Elbow, Wrist and Hand
Antall sider: 275
Publisert: 2012-01-15

GBP 39.95
Tittel:Presentation, Imaging and Treatment of Common Musculoskeletal Conditions
Antall sider: 1568
Publisert: 2011-12-16
Helps you take the mystery out of MRI interpretation and its relationship to arthroscopy. Illustrated with MR, arthroscopic, and anatomical images, this title offers both orthopaedists and radiologists a correlated, systematic approach to diagnosis, helping them achieve accurate evaluations.

GBP 135.45
Tittel:Musculoskeletal Examination of the Foot and Ankle
Antall sider: 275
Publisert: 2011-11-15

GBP 39.95
Tittel:Myopathies, An Issue of Rheumatic Disease Clinics
Publisert: 2011-07-09

GBP 70.99
Tittel:Musculoskeletal Examination of the Spine
Antall sider: 275
Publisert: 2011-06-15

GBP 38.95
Tittel:General Principles of Children's Orthopaedic Disease
Antall sider: 216
Publisert: 2011-06-01
In addition to discussing how children grow, this volume describes how to measure growth effectively to determine whether development falls within normal parameters. Readers will learn the best ways to care for patients inside and outside of the hospital.

GBP 35.99
Tittel:Children's Neuromuscular Disorders
Antall sider: 132
Publisert: 2011-06-01
Focused on early diagnosis of nervous system disorders in newborns, this volume describes neural tube defects, the recognition and management of cerebral palsy, and poliomyelitis. The book concludes by considering the muscular dystrophies and arthrogryposis.

GBP 26.99
Tittel:Children's Upper and Lower Limb Orthopaedic Disorders
Antall sider: 226
Publisert: 2011-06-01
This book examines conditions encountered in pediatric orthopaedic surgery. It describes fetal development and how this may go wrong as well as limb deficiency and deformity and how best to manage them.

GBP 35.99
Tittel:Muscular Dystrophies
Antall sider: 284
Publisert: 2011-05-31

GBP 135.00
Tittel:Osteoporosis Research
Antall sider: 215
Publisert: 2011-05-25
This is a reference book of the major animal models used in the study of Osteoporosis. Written by investigators within the field of bone research, it is intended to serve as a basis for a literature search before embarking on a detailed research project.

GBP 90.00
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