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Tittel:Electrocardiography of Arrhythmias: A Comprehensive Review
Antall sider: 448
Publisert: 2012-04-13
Equips you with the core knowledge and clinical competencies you need to accurately interpret electrocardiograms (ECG) and ace the ECG part of cardiology boards or the ABIM ICE ECG certifying exam. This companion study guide to "Cardiac Electrophysiology: From Cell to Bedside" offers a concise yet definitive review of electrocardiography.

GBP 57.74
Tittel:Atlas of Transcatheter Valve Therapy
Antall sider: 176
Publisert: 2012-04-13

GBP 150.00
Tittel:Principles of Echocardiography and Intracardiac Echocardiography
Antall sider: 480
Publisert: 2012-04-12
Helps you to successfully obtain and interpret cardiac echo images. This title explains the dos and don'ts of echocardiography so that you get the best images and avoid artifacts.

GBP 63.99
Tittel:Computed Tomography Imaging in 2012, An Issue of Cardiology Clinics
Antall sider: 960
Publisert: 2012-04-10
Cardiac CT obtains information about coronary arteries, great arteries and veins, and heart valves. This title helps practicing cardiologists to keep up with the advanced technology in this important and swiftly moving field.

GBP 74.99
Tittel:Braunwald's Heart Disease Review and Assessment
Antall sider: 320
Publisert: 2012-04-09
A study guide that provides a comprehensive, and concise overview of the various aspects of cardiovascular medicine through an easy-to-use, question and answer format. It offers case problems that further enhance your study for the Subspecialty Examination in Cardiovascular Disease, and offer an understanding of modern cardiovascular medicine.

GBP 54.59
Tittel:Heart Failure
Antall sider: 240
Publisert: 2012-04-05
Excellent end of life care for people with heart failure is challenging but possible. In easily digestible summaries, this book presents practical advice about how and when to integrate a palliative care approach alongside standard heart failure management.

GBP 32.99
Tittel:Coronary Artery Disease, Cardiac Arrest & Bypass Surgery
Publisert: 2012-04-01
Presents topical research in the study of the risk factors, prevention and procedures relating to coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest and bypass surgery. This book covers such topics as: multidetector computed tomography as a potential modality to detect subclinical atherosclerosis, and the characteristics of coronary artery disease in women.

GBP 116.99
Tittel:Stent Thrombosis
Publisert: 2012-04-01
Stent thrombosis (ST) is a rare but serious complication after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), because of its high morbidity and mortality. This book presents topical research on the epidemiology, prevention and management of stent thrombosis.

GBP 79.50
Tittel:Cerebrovascular Hypertension
Antall sider: 224
Publisert: 2012-03-28

GBP 17.99
Tittel:Real-Time Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography
Antall sider: 251
Publisert: 2012-03-28
Three-dimensional (3D) transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) is a powerful visual tool and this is the most current 3D TEE guide available. It provides a practical and illustrated step-by-step guide to the latest in 3D technology and image acquisition.

GBP 35.99
Tittel:Stress Proof the Heart
Antall sider: 440
Publisert: 2012-03-28
Depression and anxiety are known risk factors in the recurrence of cardiovascular disease. This book outlines therapies for psychological problems encountered in cardiac patients, and shows clinicians how to integrate them into a comprehensive treatment model.

GBP 53.99
Tittel:Cardiac Care Unit Survival Guide
Antall sider: 480
Publisert: 2012-03-26
Suitable for cardiologists, trainees, and housestaff - who rotates or practices in the CCU, this title helps you understand the simplified pathophysiology of the disease, the diagnosis modalities, the initial critical care management in the CCU, the clinical care in a step down unit and plan for discharge therapy.

GBP 29.95
Tittel:Stage B, a Pre-cursor of Heart Failure, an Issue of Heart Failure Clinics
Publisert: 2012-03-10
In the joint American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association classification system, Stage B heart failure refers to patients with structural heart disease but no symptoms of heart failure. This title examines structural heart disease and the factors that cause progression from risk of heart failure to development of structural changes.

GBP 66.99
Tittel:Comprehensive Lipid Testing and Management
Antall sider: 155
Publisert: 2012-02-29

GBP 35.99
Tittel:Coronary Heart Disease
Antall sider: 555
Publisert: 2012-02-28
Presenting a comprehensive picture of ischemic heart disease for practitioners, students, and investigators dealing with the varied facets of this complex subject, this volume covers cardiovascular imaging, research, pathology and clinical cardiology.

GBP 162.00
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