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Tittel:Microcirculation Imaging
Antall sider: 400
Publisert: 2012-04-18
Adopting a multidisciplinary approach with input from physicists, researchers and medical professionals, this is the first book to introduce many different technical approaches for the visualization of microcirculation, including laser Doppler and laser speckle, optical coherence tomography and photo-acoustic tomography.

GBP 125.00
Tittel:Introduction To Human Physiology
Antall sider: 928
Publisert: 2012-04-15

GBP 50.99
Tittel:Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
Antall sider: 320
Publisert: 2012-04-09
Defines the intersection of exercise science and public health. This title offers an introduction to the concepts of public health and exercise science, the techniques used to measure physical activity and the health effects of exercise and physical activity. It also includes examples of successful programmes from various settings.

GBP 44.99
Tittel:Handbook on Oxidative Stress
Publisert: 2012-04-01
Presents research in the study of oxidative stress. This book discusses such topics as: pharmacological treatments in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury; oxidative stress in neurodenegerative disorders, hyptertension, and the cardiovascular system; and, the influence of aerobic exercise training on post-prandial oxidative stress.

GBP 270.99
Tittel:Pulse Waves
Antall sider: 126
Publisert: 2012-03-31
This book helps the reader grasp the relationship between cardiovascular pathophysiology and vascular hemodynamics, and to become familiar with the latest recent guidelines. Incorporates clear, straightforward explanations, along with more complex analyses.

GBP 44.99
Tittel:Vascular Biology Protocols
Antall sider: 384
Publisert: 2012-03-31
A comprehensive manual in the broad and deep field of cardiovascular medicine, this volume covers a wide spectrum of techniques encompassing biochemical, pharmacological and molecular biology disciplines currently used to assess vascular disease progression.

GBP 99.50
Tittel:Adipose Tissue and Adipokines in Health and Disease
Antall sider: 424
Publisert: 2012-03-31

GBP 132.50
Tittel:Sensing the Environment
Antall sider: 110
Publisert: 2012-03-31
This book presents recent research establishing the skin as an important peripheral neuroendocrine organ, tightly linked to central axes of stress, and research results on the response of epidermal cells to ultraviolet radiation, biological factors, and more.

GBP 90.00
Tittel:Computational Biomechanics
Antall sider: 310
Publisert: 2012-03-31
This introductory textbook on computational biomechanics for in silico medicine is ideal for graduate school-level engineering students and young researchers in bioengineering and biomedicine. It introduces the development of physiome and systems biology.

GBP 53.99
Tittel:Angiotensin Protocols
Antall sider: 544
Publisert: 2012-03-31

GBP 91.00
Tittel:Physiology of Prenatal Exercise and Fetal Development
Antall sider: 70
Publisert: 2012-03-23
Explores the research findings on how exercise influences the fetus in utero and beyond. This title reviews the findings of how maternal exercise throughout gestation influences fetal development of key organ systems, and also encompasses the relationship between maternal activity level and fetal, birth, and neonatal effects.

GBP 33.99
Tittel:Biofluid Mechanics
Antall sider: 451
Publisert: 2012-03-22

GBP 66.99
Tittel:Amino Acid Chelation in Human and Animal Nutrition
Antall sider: 269
Publisert: 2012-03-16

GBP 82.00
Tittel:Physiology, Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering
Antall sider: 782
Publisert: 2012-03-16

GBP 49.99
Tittel:Store-operated Ca2+ Entry (SOCE) Pathways
Antall sider: 502
Publisert: 2012-02-29
This book thoroughly explores robotics in neurorehabilitative therapy, describing state-of-the-art applications of robotic devices for locomotion; posture and balance and upper extremity recovery in stroke. Includes schematic diagrams, photographs and tables.

GBP 137.70
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