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Tittel:Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance
Antall sider: 176
Publisert: 2012-04-20
Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance provides a user-friendly introduction to the anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of the human nervous system within one, succinct, highly-illustrated volume.

GBP 23.99
Tittel:Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life
Antall sider: 1128
Publisert: 2012-04-16
The 3rd edition of Jenkins' Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life offers many new and enhanced features. Each chapter of STL is designed and developed into manageable modules of content that place a conceptual order on the facts and terminology.

GBP 49.99
Tittel:Phosphoinositides II: the Diverse Biological Functions
Antall sider: 400
Publisert: 2012-03-31
Phosphoinositides play a major role in cellular signaling and membrane organization. Phosphatidylinositol(4,5)-bisphosphate is a prominent flag in the plasma membrane, while phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate decorates early endosomes. This title deals with the role of phosphoinositides in membrane organization and vesicular traffic.

GBP 153.00
Tittel:Phosphoinositides I: Enzymes of Synthesis and Degradation
Antall sider: 290
Publisert: 2012-03-31
Phosphoinositides play a major role in cellular signaling and membrane organization. This book elucidates the crucial mechanisms that control the dynamics of phosphoinositide conversion. It focuses on phosphoinositide 3-kinases and 3-phosphatases, and presents therapeutic developments in human disease.

GBP 126.00
Tittel:Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapists
Antall sider: 240
Publisert: 2012-03-30
This visually appealing student book, written by leading author Francesca Gould, is mapped to the new QCF specifications and covers all of the content relevant to both the Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology and the Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology qualifications.

GBP 18.99
Tittel:Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy
Antall sider: 224
Publisert: 2012-03-30

GBP 9.95
Tittel:Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
Antall sider: 752
Publisert: 2012-03-27
The 9th edition of Tortora's Introduction to the Human Body 8e provides basic content, focused design, and relevant connections about the essentials of anatomy and physiology. All chapters are focused on the essential structure and functions of the human body needed for a basic understanding of homeostasis.

GBP 46.99
Tittel:Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease
Antall sider: 736
Publisert: 2012-03-15

GBP 40.99
Tittel:Genetics and the Unsettled Past
Antall sider: 368 pp
Publisert: 2012-03-15

GBP 26.95
Tittel:Genetics and the Unsettled Past
Antall sider: 368 pp
Publisert: 2012-03-15

GBP 69.95
Tittel:Atlas of Cross Sectional Anatomy and Radiological Imaging
Antall sider: 200
Publisert: 2012-03-01
The study of both cadaveric axial cross-sections and CT scans is the basis of 21st century anatomy, and the cornerstone of clinical diagnostics. This text illustrates the sequence of axial cross-sections and CT scans in 3-Dimensional illustrations.

GBP 35.00
Tittel:Fibrocytes in Health and Disease
Antall sider: 400
Publisert: 2012-02-28
Provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of fibrocytes. This title is suitable for scientists and clinicians with an interest in the role of circulating fibrocytes in the etiopathogenesis of different fibrosing disorders, atherosclerosis, autoimmunity, and cancer.

GBP 71.00
Tittel:Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations - Urinary System
Antall sider: 288
Publisert: 2012-02-27
Provides a highly visual approach to the basic sciences and clinical pathology of the kidney, bladder, and ureters. This volume intends to capture clinical perspectives in nephrology and urology - from normal anatomy, histology, physiology, and development to glomerular and tubular diseases, infections, urological surgeries, and cancers.

GBP 63.99
Tittel:Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Internal Organs
Publisert: 2012-02-23
Includes the following topics: Viscera of the Thorax; Viscera of the Abdomen; and, Pelvis and Retroperitoneal Space.

GBP 29.99
Tittel:Gray's Anatomy for Students
Publisert: 2012-02-14

GBP 139.00
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