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Medicinal Plants

Skrevet av:M. K. Rai, Geoffrey A. Cordell, Jose L. Martinez, Mariela Marinoff, Luca Rastrell
Antall sider: 650
IMPN: Science Publishers,U.S.
Utgiver navn: Taylor & Francis Inc
Utgiver land:United States
Utgiver sted: Enfield
Målgruppe: Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly

GBP 95.00

Lang beskrivelse:
This volume provides a contemporary overview of new strategies for traditional medicine development, of the importance of cataloging ethnomedical information, of determining the active principles, and of examining the genetic diversity and range of actions of traditional medicines. It discusses the challenges of using traditional medicines for diseases where access to modern medicine is limited, and the research areas needed to improve quality, safety and efficacy for enhancing healthcare. The book affirms the importance of traditional medicines as an essential and integral component of healthcare systems, and the vast opportunities that exist for their evidence-based development.

New Strategies for Traditional Medicine, Geoffrey A. Cordell Developing Better Herbal Medicines in the Post-genomic Era, Andrea Furtado Macedo and Luciana Furtado Macedo Revitalization of the Knowledge of Herbs--A Way Forward to Discovery of New Drugs, D. Hardas, Jose Luis Rios, and M. Rai Ethnobotanical Uses of the Native Flora from Brazilian North-eastern Region, Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon, Diego Sotero de Barros Pinange, Suzane Cavalcanti Chang, and Wilfried Morawetz Diversity and Uses of the Genus Croton (Euphorbiaceae) in Northeastern Brazil, Marccus Alves, Maria de Fatima L. Araujo, Cassia L.S. Gusmao, Amaro de Castro Lira Neto, Reginaldo de Carvalho, and Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon Ethnomedical Knowledge Among the Quilombolas from the Amazon Region of Brazil with a Special Focuson Plants Used as Nervous Tonics, Danilo Ribeiro de Oliveira, Gilda Guimaraes Leitao, Newton Goncalves Castro, Mariana Neves Vieira,and Suzana Guimaraes Leitao Advances in the Knowledge of Medicinal Plants in Eastern Andalusia, Spain, G. Benitez, M.R. Gonzalez-Tejero, and J. Molero-Mesa Tropical Propolis: Recent Advances in Chemical Components and Botanical Origin, Osmany Cuesta-Rubio Anna Lisa Piccinelli, and Luca Rastrelli Anti-Malarial Plants Used in Folk Medicine in Bangladesh, M. Rahmatullah, T. Rahman, and R. Jahan Usnea sulcata Motyka: An Ethnomycological Review of its Use in Traditional Medicine, Mariela A. Marinoff, and Jose L. Martinez Sirukurinjan--An Ancient Remedy for a Modern Incurable Disease, Diabetes, S. Raguapthy, M.K. Choudhury, C.B.Nirmala, T. Sampath, and S.G. Newmaster Herbal Drugs Used for Domestic Animals, Lorella Severino and Letizia Ambrosio Endophytes from Medicinal Plants as Novel Sources of Bioactive Compounds, B. Zaferanloo, Peter J. Mahon, and Enzo A. Palombo Advances in Medicinal Plants with Antitumoral Activity, Maria Pilar Gomez-Serranillos Cuadrado, Maria Teresa Ortega Hernandez-Agero, Olga Maria Palomino Ruiz-Poveda and Maria Emilia Carretero Accame Medicinal Plants: How are they Used to Treat Neurological Diseases?, Fabiola Dominguez, Angel Josabad Alonso-Castro, Ma. Eva Gonzalez-Trujano, Adrian Martinez-Cervantes, Hermelinda Salgado-Ceballos, Sergio Torres-Castillo, and Sandra Orozco-Suarez Inflammatory Diseases: Mechanisms and Natural Remedies, Rabih S. Talhouk, Ralph Salloum, and Fadia R. Homaidan Recent Advances to Evaluate Anti-diabetic Medicinal Plants, M.M. Fawzi Botanical Origin and Biological Activity of Propolis, Ramon Enrique Robles-Zepeda, Javier Hernandez Martinez, Adriana Garibay Escobar, Dora Edith Valencia Rivera, and Carlos Arturo Velazquez Contreras Bioactivity of Plant Essential Oils, Talal A. Zari Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects of Aromatic Plant-derived Essential Oils--A Scientific and Medicinal Approach, Jurgen Reichling Strategies of Solvent System Selection for The Isolation of Natural Products by Countercurrent Chromatography, Gilda Guimaraes Leitao, Fernanda das Neves Costa, and Fabiana de Souza Figueiredo

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